My very first guests

first guests

My very first guests have left for a few days now and our guesthouse is ready to receive the next guests, but it was so nice to have Jan and Ela over from Poland. From our cottage it was ideal for them to visit their daughter, who lives nearby. They were so much fun! Although they were the guests, I always felt very welcome when I walked over to ask if everything was still to their liking. When I walked over, in no time I had two Vodka (achter de kiezen). Not one, but two, because you couldn’t stand on one leg 😉 (Hoop dat dat ook een Engelse uitdrukking is??) But only on Saturdays, because that’s their tradition, to only drink Vodka on a Saturday. Ela also baked us delicious Polish Kremowka just before they left. It was really delicious!

They had a great time, they said, and hope they can stay with us again next spring. Dear Jan and Ela, I would love it!

They will always be special, because they were my very first real guests (except for my parents of course, but that’s not really real, because they are my parents 😉